About SWAS

About the Blog

Service With a Style! is a Blog designed for Service Professionals to get ideas and interact regarding different aspects of the Service Industry. This Blog is a work in progress and I welcome any feedback you might have. Please feel free to pass any ideas my way if you see anything that works well for you, or you have seen good service exemplified. My desire for this is to be a sounding board for other professionals on an International Spectrum. Please enjoy this forum; we look forward to your interaction.

About the Author

Dirk D. Myers  has been in the Hospitality and Service Industry in many facets for over 25 years. These areas have included Restaurant Management as well as Hotel Sales Management. Mr. Myers has experience in Sales and Marketing in many areas including Hospitality, Entertainment, and Information Technology. He has also worked with many industry leaders In Hospitality such as Radisson Hotels, Darden, McDonald’s, Bass Pro Shops Restaurants, and Steak Co. In Information Technology he has held Certifications with Cisco Systems, Dell, and VMWare. He has been published as an article writer for many Magazines including the Springfield Business Journal, and was recognized by 417 Magazine as one of the outstanding Service Professionals  in 2012.


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